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Within a

Narrative Health Model

Our overall health has much to do with our ability to shift our perspective and find solutions. Are you seeing your struggle through only one lens? 

Explore narrative and creative practices and help yourself improve upon your current story. 


About Narrative Therapy

and the Health Model

Do you feel stuck in a certain reality? Do you feel you could be reaching more of your potential if it weren't for old patterns? Are there inner conflicts you keep coming up against that seem to hold you back?

Healing our whole selves often begins when we let go of the idea that we are sick, and instead focus on a holistic view of balance. Working within the Health Model, we can see ourselves as inherently able to heal the wounds of pain and disharmony in our life. When we utilize Narrative Therapy, we can uncover the narratives (also known as stories or myths) playing in our head that keep us stuck in conflict and disappointment, and then work to change them. When we combine these approaches with creative practices, we can build a new story of acceptance and health that sustains momentum toward important life goals.

In each session, we will explore different tools and skills to illuminate the significant characters in your story--your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and actions. Once illuminated, you can then decide whether they help or hinder your progress. With my support and guidance, you can work towards more empowering relationships with these characters, and in turn, more empowering relationships with yourself and the world around you. 


Here is a list of the tools that I offer:

  • Dialogue and Narrative Therapy

  • Mindfulness and meditation-based practices

  • Art therapy

  • Music therapy

  • Psychodramatic strategies

  • Journaling and creative writing

  • Sand tray 

  • Elements of CBT and DBT

  • Body-oriented practices

Each tool we use in therapy offers a different view of the current situation so you can bring more clarity to your outlook. With this new perspective comes a unique opportunity for possible solutions to arise.


The efficacy of this model of therapy relies on the real-life application of what you discover. It can take time to notice a change in the way you are seeing, feeling, and thinking about yourself and your life. Patience and self-compassion are essential ingredients in realizing healthy and long-lasting everyday changes.


My practice space is an LGBTQ+ and non-binary friendly zone. It is also voice-hearer and visionary friendly, as well as open to those who understand their experiences as belonging to a spiritual crisis, emergence, or awakening. 



33A Harvard St, Suite 203, Brookline Village, MA 02445. Please be aware that there is no elevator access.



I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor of the Massachusetts Board of Allied Mental Health (License #8165). I abide by their Ethical Codes and Standards of Conduct (262 CMR 8.00) and those of the American Counseling Association (ACA). The ACA Code of Ethics may be found here: http://www.counseling.org/Resources/aca-code-of-ethics.pdf.


My practice is private pay. Sliding scale may be available based on financial need. My fees are as follows:

  • Individual sessions are $120

  • Couples/family sessions are $150

  • Additional fees may apply for coordinating with providers/phone calls/emails

Please take note: It is a calculated choice to not take insurance, and also to not offer reimbursement letters for those who want to get reimbursed through their PPO insurance. I am open to discussing alternatives and trying to find a solution that works for both you and I. See the PHILOSOPHY page for more information on why I choose to work outside of insurance. 


Contact me at marklipmanpractice@icloud.com, 

or call (617) 906-8873 with questions or to set up an appointment. I offer a 15 minute initial phone call at no charge.


 Additional Services

Maastricht Interview for Hearing Voices
Do you identify as someone who hears voices or sees visions? This interview can be used within a therapeutic context to help you develop a deeper understanding of your experience and provide you with useful feedback to help empower yourself in your relationship to these phenomena.
Read more:
Dirk Corstens wrote an article about the usefulness of the Maastricht approach in 2008.
Are you interested in creating music to help you tell your story? Songwriting can be useful within a therapeutic context to help capture life experiences, validate your feelings, and foster meaningful connections to yourself and your relationships.
Read more:
Jodi McLaren wrote an article about the efficacy of songwriting as a therapeutic practice in 2016.
Music Therapy for Elders
Do you have a loved one who is struggling with the experience of memory loss? Or perhaps your loved one is more isolated as they age? Music therapy can be a way for elders to connect to others through accessing language, memory, personality, identity, humor, and positivity. 
I offer both in-home (or in-facility) private sessions and also musical performances for facilities.
Read more:
Julie Guy and Angela Neve wrote a comprehensive fact sheet on music therapy with elders in 2005.


33A Harvard Street, Suite 203

Brighton, MA 02445


(617) 906-8873

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